SAVE is a consortium of like minded, regional and international organisations, created to oversee and co-ordinate conservation, campaigning and fundraising activities to help the plight of South Asia's vultures

The problem

Fifteen years ago there were millions, now they've almost completely disappeared.

The solution

We are working with farmers to stop diclofenac use and to use alternative drugs.

How you can help

For every £25,000 raised a new vulture safe haven can be created. Please help us help them.

Watch our video

Find out more about the plight of Asia's Vultures.

The search for an answer

Research has underpinned the vulture conservation programme from the very beginning.

The first evidence of declines was from Keoladia National Park, India. Surveys and monitoring established that declines were occurring at a national and international scale, and triggered a four-year investigation into the cause of the declines.



It has been proposed that the decline in vultures is due to the increase in feral dogs. However, vultures and dogs always coexisted.


We co-ordinate recovery efforts across vulture range countries around the world, provide scientific and other advice, and help with publicity and fund-raising.

White rumped vulture