2011 News Summary

•January, Update on vultures in Myanmar – Paper on the historical and current status of vultures in Myanmar. Download

•June, Two new scientific papers on Diclofenac researchAssessing the ongoing threat from veterinary non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs to Critically Endangered Gyps vultures in India. Cuthbert RJ, Dave R, Sunder Chakraborty S, Kumar S, Prakash S, Ranade SP, Prakash V. (2011). Effectiveness of Action in India to Reduce Exposure of Gyps Vultures to the Toxic Veterinary Drug Diclofenac. Cuthbert R, Taggart MA, Prakash V, Saini M, Swarup D, et al. (2011)

•Gyps Vultures Husbandry Guidelines – New husbandry guidelines for three species of critically endangered Gyps vultures has just been produced by the team involved in the Indian conservation breeding programme, including lead author Dr Vibhu Prakash of the Bombay Natural History Society. It is hoped this will be of great value to those directly involved is such work throughout Asia, as well as having wider value for other conservation breeding work with other species.

•December, The 1st Save Meeting – Report of the meeting held in Pinjore, Haryana India 16-18 November 2011 available here.

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