2013 News Summary

•January, ‘What has nature ever done for us?’ – A new book called “What has nature ever done for us?” by Tony Juniper, tells the stories of how natural systems sustain our welfare. Read more here

•January, 2nd Save Meeting Report – Available for download.

•February, India warns against misuse of diclofenac – Efforts by local NGO and Forest Department prompt positive action by Food and Drugs Administration of Maharashtra.
See press coverage here and download here.

•April, 3rd Vulture Regional Steering Committee Meeting – The Central Zoo Authority and Wildlife Institute of India together with IUCN called the third meeting of the newly established Vulture Regional Steering Committee at the Habitat Centre in New Delhi on 3rd April 2013.

•Diclofenac production stops in Nepal – Nepalese pharmacological company National Healthcare Pvt Ltd stops production of multi-dose human diclofenac vials. National Healthcare PVT. Ltd.

•November, 3rd SAVE meeting – The 3rd annual SAVE meeting will be held on the 7th to 9th November in West Bengal SAVE Report Nov 2012 final

•November, Misuse of diclofenac in India – Pharmacies in hill areas of Tamil Nadu, India, are investigated for the misuse of human diclofenac in cattle (The Hindu)

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