March 2017: SAVE Priorities agreed for South East Asia

We became aware that the list of SAVE priorities that we update annually at the SAVE meetings have focused on South Asia, but don’t adequately cover Cambodia and SE Asia. Through consultation will all concerned including the TAC, we have produced a list (below) which will now be updated and developed annually along with those specifically for South Asia and included in the SAVE report.

(Developed in consultation with SE Asia Partners and TAC March 2017)
•Implementation of a high profile anti-poisoning campaign (across Cambodia and Myanmar).

•More effective law enforcement within protected sites to halt forest conversion and hunting (targeted law enforcement patrols and nest guardians) to protect priority vulture nesting areas.

•Effective spatial planning to retain the priority forest areas for vulture conservation, ensuring strong environmental impact assessments are carried out to prevent detrimental regional development projects.

•Vulture restaurants maintained at six priority sites (Cambodia) to continue population monitoring.

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