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A consortium of 24 Partners working together to implement agreed priority actions listed in the annually reviewed ‘Blueprint for the Recovery of Asia’s Globally Threatened Vultures

Archive for July 2017

July 2017: Indian Government bans nylon strings for kite-flying across India

One localised threat to vultures (and many other birds) which has certainly killed and injured large numbers in the past has been banned by the Indian Government on 11 July. Particularly in NW India, this has been an increasing activity centred on festivals and kite-fighting contests, with the sharp ground-glass on the nylon kite-strings causing…

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June 2017: South Asia Regional Steering Committee meets in Kathmandu

The 6th Regional steering committee of the South Asian Governments met in Nepal on 28 June. This was the second such meeting under the chairmanship of Nepal, which will pass next to Bangladesh in November 2017. Updates and representations were made for each of the four member countries: Bangladesh, India, Nepal and Pakistan as well…

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