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A consortium of 24 Partners working together to implement agreed priority actions listed in the annually reviewed ‘Blueprint for the Recovery of Asia’s Globally Threatened Vultures

Archive for October 2017

October 2017: Court upholds ban on sale of diclofenac in multiple-dose packs

Madras High Court has upheld the ban of multi-dose vials of human diclofenac, to protect against the illegal use by veterinary practitioners. The ban was imposed by the Indian Government in July 2015, and was heralded by SAVE and vulture conservationists a crucially important step to further reduce diclofenac use in cattle – the major…

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October 2017: Carprofen, another veterinary painkiller is toxic to vultures

A new study published in Chemosphere has shown that carprofen (from the same family of drugs as diclofenac and meloxicam) is also toxic to vultures. Frequent and widespread use of diclofenac to treat cattle and buffalo in South Asia was found to be responsible for catastrophic population declines in vultures that consumed livestock carcasses. Conversely,…

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