June 2018: New restrictions on vulture-toxic veterinary drugs in Pakistan

The Chief Drug Inspector of Sindh Province, Pakistan has ordered all regional and district drug inspectors to restrict the use of ketoprofen and aceclofenac, following activities and a letter from WWF-Pakistan, working together with the Hawk Conservancy Trust (HCT) on the Pakistan Vulture Restoration Project (PVRP) including running the Sindh Vulture Safe Zone. This is excellent news.

Muhammad Jamshed Iqbal at WWF-Pakistan said: “NSAIDs such as ketoprofen and aceclofenac have proven to be fatal for Gyps vultures in clinical trials and their restriction in the Sindh will contribute significantly in the survival of the remaining populations of Gyps vultures in Pakistan.”

This result is a momentous and positive development for vulture conservation in South Asia. Sindh is a vitally important breeding site for South Asia’s endangered vulture populations.


Dr Campbell Murn, Head of Conservation and Research, HCT said: “With action being taken to restrict aceclofenac and ketoprofen in Pakistan, we hope this will prove to be an important influence on similar efforts in other countries in South Asia, leading to the change that is needed to protect vulture populations in the region”.

The PVRP vulture conservation activities are underpinned by research and aim to conserve four vulture species in Pakistan, three of which are critically endangered. It is a core member of SAVE and this action to ban these two drugs was a highlighted priority at the November SAVE meeting.

For more information: https://www.hawk-conservancy.org/2018/06/18/pvrp-restrictions/

and here http://www.wwfpak.org/newsroom/12618_vultures.php

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