September 2019: National Vulture Action Plan for India

Vulture experts and Government officials met in Kolkata in September to agree the outline of an updated National Vulture Action Plan. Inspector General (Wildlife) from the Ministry of Environment Dr Soumitra Dasgupta, called the meeting involving senior officials from various states, and the Member Secretary of the Central Zoo Authority Dr SP Yadav. The meeting was coordinated by BNHS.

The details of a draft of the plan were outlined by BNHS vulture expert Dr Vibhu Prakash, and these are now being worked up in consultation with the regional officials and experts. The plan thus far builds on the 2006 National Vulture Plan, and has elements from the regional SAVE Blueprint, but it takes these further, and in more detail, and importantly it adds timelines to the plan.

We look forward to the output and congratulate the Government on taking this important step.

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