10th SAVE Meeting Presentations Available

Many thanks to those of you who participated in or were able to attend our first online open day on 24th November. We are delighted to be able to make all of the main presentations from this year’s event available here.

If you missed any sessions or were otherwise unable to attend, please take advantage of this opportunity to catch up. As well as the open day presentations, we are also making available several workshop presentations with more detail and some further exciting developments.

We have never been able to make these presentations from SAVE meetings available in this way before, and this represents an important up-side of the online format of the meeting this year. We hope this can encourage a wider engagement and dissemination of the messages. These updates provides further scientific backing for the Blueprint planning which underpins the way SAVE operates for all six range countries.

We will welcome your feedback on presentations or the meeting in general, as well as any questions arising from this below.

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