Welcome to BirdLife International Our 25th SAVE Partner

SAVE announces the addition of BirdLife International as its latest member, and Core Partner. BirdLife has always been closely associated and supportive of SAVE, but this fully recognises the important role it plays. Vinayagan Dharmarajah, the Asia regional director (and long-term vulture fan) based in Singapore has become increasingly involved in various aspects of SAVE work, and becomes the board member on behalf of the organisation. There are more details on BirdLife’s role for SAVE here:

Meanwhile, there was a related change for the newly formed NatureLife Cambodia (NLC) becoming a SAVE Project Partner – at the hub of activities of the Cambodia Vulture Woking Group, NLC has developed from and with the support of the former BirdLife office in the country. NLC is playing the role of coordinator of Cambodia Vulture Working Group.

These changes strengthen the SAVE partnership significantly, and are now reflected on the website where you can now read more detail for each SAVE partner along with the roles each partner plays for vulture conservation on the partners pages.

One final change is that the composition of the Cambodia Core Partner, the Cambodia Vulture Working Group, as well as also reflecting the change mentioned above for NatureLife Cambodia, now includes Rising Phoenix, which leads on protection of the Siem Pang area which holds the largest remaining vulture population, and it was Rising Phoenix that instigated the tagging in 2020 and thereby the identification of white-rumped vultures breeding site in Laos.

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