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September 2019: Harnessing Workshop for Vultures brings world experts together

By Irene Sabiniarz | 19th September 2019

A three-day workshop called by the IUCN Vulture Specialist Group (VSG) and hosted 20-22 August by the International Centre for Birds of Prey, Newent UK successfully brought together 15 of the world’s leading tagging experts, from nine countries, plus a further ten vulture experts including from South Asia. There were key presentations by Dr Rory…

September 2019: National Vulture Action Plan for India

By Irene Sabiniarz | 19th September 2019

Vulture experts and Government officials met in Kolkata in September to agree the outline of an updated National Vulture Action Plan. Inspector General (Wildlife) from the Ministry of Environment Dr Soumitra Dasgupta, called the meeting involving senior officials from various states, and the Member Secretary of the Central Zoo Authority Dr SP Yadav. The meeting…

August 2019: SAVE Presence at UK Bird Fair

By Irene Sabiniarz | 12th September 2019

  Over 23,000 people visited UK’s Bird Fair over three days, and many could meet SAVE Partners and members at the stand to learn more about what we do. The stand attracted plenty of attention, 80 people gave us their contact details asking for regular updates, and we were delighted to have SAVE team members…

August 2019: New SAVE Associate Member: Neo Human Foundation, Jharkhand.

By Chris | 3rd September 2019

The SAVE Board has formally approved the Indian NGO, Neo Human Foundation (NHF) for the two year initial term as SAVE Associate. NHF and the activities of the President, Dr Satya Prakash have been strongly aligned with SAVE since its creation. Dr Satya Prakash has attended and provided reports and materials at both Vulture Safe…

July 2019: Cambodia Government bans veterinary use of diclofenac

By Chris | 30th July 2019

The Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries of Cambodia has banned the veterinary sale and use of diclofenac in the Kingdom with immediate effect. The Government has taken this measure to safeguard the remaining Cambodian vulture population, which is declining and threatened with extinction. “Diclofenac, whilst harmless to cattle and other livestock, results in death…

June 2019: SAVE at UK Birdwatching Fair 16-18 August 2019

By Chris | 13th June 2019

Anyone in the UK who is interested to meet members of the SAVE Partnership and to learn more about what we do, please come and find us in Marquee 8, stand 48 of the largest annual gathering of birdwatchers in the world at Birdfair, Rutland Water Nature Reserve. We will be displaying materials, showing videos,…