March 2016: 5th Saving Asia’s Vultures from Extinction Annual Report, including Blueprint for Recovery

By Irene Sabiniarz | 1st March 2016

This year’s SAVE Blueprint (Asian Vultures) includes the updated version of the Blueprint for recovery of South Asia’s Gyps vultures to 2025. The report also contains a large number of exciting developments including full details on how SAVE Partners and the South Asian Governments (and Cambodia) are implementing priority efforts to conserve South Asian Vultures,…

February 2016: Cambodian Vulture Conservation Project Report published

By Irene Sabiniarz | 1st February 2016

The CVCP report for 2015/16 is now available for download.

February 2016: India signs CMS MOU with important vulture implications

By Irene Sabiniarz | 1st February 2016

The Convention for Migratory Species (CMS) will soon include all Indian vultures and this makes India’s commitment to this important convention more significant for vulture conservation and to providing the necessary resources. Read more.

February 2016: Updated ‘Blueprint for the Recovery of South Asia’s Gyps vultures’

By Irene Sabiniarz | 1st February 2016

The 2016 updated ‘Blueprint for the Recovery of South Asia’s Gyps vultures’ resulting from the 5th Annual SAVE Meeting of Partners is now available. There are a number of revisions and updates in this latest version, reflecting some important progress as well as new challenges. Note that for the first time Responsible Agencies are listed…

January 2016: Cambodia National Vulture Workshop

By Irene Sabiniarz | 1st January 2016

BirdLife International Cambodia Programme started 2016 by hosting a National Workshop (15th Jan) on vulture conservation, with delegates from Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries and the Ministry of Environment, local civil society including Universities and local NGOs and International conservation organisations and experts, including Chris Bowden from SAVE, Wildlife Conservation Society Cambodia, World Wildlife…

November 2015: Haryana Chief Minister pays visit to Pinjore Vulture Conservation Breeding Centre

By Irene Sabiniarz | 30th November 2015

On 13 Nov 2015, Honourable Shri Manohar Lal Chief Minister of Haryana paid a visit to the centre, to learn about the programme and to assist with the first transfer of endangered vulture species to the release aviary. The Chief Minister was accompanied by Haryana State Forest Minister, Haryana State Forest Secretary, Chief Wildlife Warden…