2009 News Summary

By Irene Sabiniarz | 31st December 2009

•Another livestock drug – ketoprofen – proves fatal to vultures. •Vulture conservation in Cambodia reports another good year. •Prevalence of diclofenac and other NSAIDs in livestock carcasses in India during 2006. •Captive birds released in to Nepal’s new colony aviary at the vulture breeding centre, Kasara. •World first captive breeding of slender-billed vultures undertaken at…

2008 News Summary

By Irene Sabiniarz | 31st December 2008

•Catching teams increase numbers at Nepal’s vulture conservation breeding centre. •Variable population trends for Himalayan griffon vultures in Nepal. •Review of vulture conservation programme published. •Loss of India’s vultures estimated to have cost US$ 34 billion from 1993-2006. •Nepal’s vulture team visits India for training on vulture breeding programme. •BNHS vulture conservation breeding centre produces…