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Welcome to Saving Asia’s Vultures from Extinction (SAVE) Website

A consortium of 24 Partners working together to implement agreed priority actions listed in the annually reviewed ‘Blueprint for the Recovery of Asia’s Globally Threatened Vultures

October 2018: Myanmar comes together for vultures

By Irene Sabiniarz | 22nd October 2018

An important full day meeting was held in Yangon at the BANCA office (BirdLife Myanmar) on 12 October when all the organisations interested in working on vultures came together and shared their experience and knowledge from recent vulture work. The attendees were from Indawgyi Wildlife Sanctuary – Myanmar’s Ministry of Natural Resources and Environmental Conservation,…

September 2018: First release of captive-bred* vultures in Asia

By Irene Sabiniarz | 18th September 2018

Nepal and SAVE witnessed a further landmark for Asian vulture conservation on 17th September 2018, when the Government of Nepal and national and international conservation organisations released 12 critically endangered white-rumped vultures Gyps bengalensis, including the first eight birds actually hatched within the conservation breeding programme. Releases last year of birds reared (but not hatched)…

June 2018: New restrictions on vulture-toxic veterinary drugs in Pakistan

By Irene Sabiniarz | 20th June 2018

The Chief Drug Inspector of Sindh Province, Pakistan has ordered all regional and district drug inspectors to restrict the use of ketoprofen and aceclofenac, following activities and a letter from WWF-Pakistan, working together with the Hawk Conservancy Trust (HCT) on the Pakistan Vulture Restoration Project (PVRP) including running the Sindh Vulture Safe Zone. This is…

April 2018: Update from Nepal white-rumped vulture releases and wanderers!

By Irene Sabiniarz | 16th April 2018

News from the BCN team is that the six birds released in November have so far remained within 2.5km of the release aviary, and since February, the released vultures have started soaring. The birds have remained dependent on the vulture restaurant so far and mix with the local wild birds on a daily basis .…

March 2018: Science article and film highlight SAVE work

By Irene Sabiniarz | 15th March 2018

Vulture Safe Zones and progress in Bangladesh is prominently featured in the latest ‘Science’ magazine. Both the article and film successfully highlight most of the SAVE priority actions and how they are being addressed in Bangladesh as well as the work in India and Nepal. Do read and watch the video, both of which bring…

February 2018: Exciting updates of Nepal’s tagged and released white-rumped vultures

By Irene Sabiniarz | 15th February 2018

SAVE’s major vulture telemetry project in Nepal is well underway. Seventeen free-ranging white-rumped vultures Gyps bengalensis fitted with satellite transmitters are providing us with valuable data on their movements and favourite locations. (11 wild birds, plus the 6 released) The objective of the project is twofold: evaluate Nepal’s vulture conservation breeding and release programme; and…

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