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March 2018: Science article and film highlight SAVE work

By Irene Sabiniarz | 15th March 2018

Vulture Safe Zones and progress in Bangladesh is prominently featured in the latest ‘Science’ magazine. Both the article and film successfully highlight most of the SAVE priority actions and how they are being addressed in Bangladesh as well as the work in India and Nepal. Do read and watch the video, both of which bring…

February 2018: Exciting updates of Nepal’s tagged and released white-rumped vultures

By Irene Sabiniarz | 15th February 2018

SAVE’s major vulture telemetry project in Nepal is well underway. Seventeen free-ranging white-rumped vultures Gyps bengalensis fitted with satellite transmitters are providing us with valuable data on their movements and favourite locations. (11 wild birds, plus the 6 released) The objective of the project is twofold: evaluate Nepal’s vulture conservation breeding and release programme; and…

January 2018: Updated Blueprint and 7th SAVE Report

By Irene Sabiniarz | 31st January 2018

Following the successful annual SAVE meeting in the Bangladesh Sundarbans, we are delighted to release the full SAVE report detailing the updated priorities, the full program, the transcript of the meeting, participants, photos, SAVE updates and highlights of 2017, as well as the main body of reporting all activities against each Blueprint activity. The most…

January 2018: South India Vulture Meeting urges State Govts to restrict supply of vet drugs unsafe for vultures.

By Irene Sabiniarz | 24th January 2018

An important vulture meeting for the Southern states of India was held in Ooty, Tamil Nadu last week. Hosted by the Government Arts College, and Dr B Ramakrishnan, with support from Raptor Research & Conservation Foundation. There was Government and NGO representation from five South Indian states. There will be published proceedings from the meeting…