SAVE Online meeting presentations February 2024

9. Midterm Implementation Review of the Vulture MsAP – priorities going forward for SAVE countries

Jenny Weston

10. Egyptian Vulture (Neophron percnopterus ginginianus) Population counts and nesting distribution in Nepal

Krishna Bhusal

11. Are systems for regulating veterinary NSAIDs in vulture range states fit for purpose?

Rhys Green

12. NSAIDs mortalities detected through sat tracking Griffon Vultures in Israel

Nili Anglister

13. What are the best methods for monitoring changes in vulture populations?

Rhys Green

14. Do dogs compete with vultures?

Chetan Misher

15. Use of nest platforms in Cambodia

Romain Legrand

16. Vulture diets in India from DNA analysis

Uma Ramakrishnan