Saving Asias Vultures from Extinction (SAVE) AGM 2021

Saving Asia’s Vultures from Extinction

Virtual AGM 2021


Save Open Day – Welcome and Opening remarks

SAVE Chair Professor Rhys Green, welcomes you all to the Annual Review Open Day.

Professor Rhys Green

Introducing SAVE and 2021 updates

Save’s Programme Manager, Chris Bowden, gives us the background on SAVE, what has been achieved in 2021 and the way forward for 2022

Chris Bowden

Declaration of first Vulture Safe Zone

Rhys Green/ Ishana Thapa

Pakistan Summary

Highlights of progress and challenges in Pakistan in 2020 including pharmacy surveys

Jamshed Chaudhry

Nepal Summary

Highlights of progress and challenges in Nepal in 2021

Ankit Joshi

India Summary

Highlights of progress and challenges in India in 2021 including vulture breeding programme , VSZs, funding.

Vibhu Prakash

Bangladesh Summary

Highlights of progress and challenges in Bangladesh in 2021 including VSZs

Alam Sarowar

Myanmar Summary

Highlights of progress and challenges in Myanmar in 2021

Thiri Daweiaung

Cambodia Summary

Highlights of progress and challenges in Cambodia in 2021

Naiky Ny

Prokriti O Jibon Foundation:

Vision and work in 2021

Muqeed Majumdar Babu

The social costs of keystone species collapse:

Evidence from the decline of vultures in India

Eyal Frank

Tagging Egyptian vultures in Uzbekistan

Anna Ten

Vulture Safe Zone monitoring in India

Mary Davies

Safety testing results 2021

John Mallord

Red headed vulture breeding in an Italian zoo

Caterina Spiezio

SAVE Workshop Presentations – Day 2 – Themes Day

Opening address – Session 1

Summary of progress on last year’s workshop

Chris Bowden

Survival of released white-rumped vultures in Nepal:

The need for updating the release protocol

John Mallord

The new release protocol and update on 2021 releases

Ankit Joshi

Session 2 – Assessing the seriousness and operational importance of threats to vulture populations

Rhys Green

Identifying the key threats to a migratory vulture along the flyway

Steffen Oppel

From investigation to insulation:

Best short- term mitigation practices for bird-safe energy infrastructure

Stoyan Nikolov

Surveys of power infrastructure in Nepal

Ankit Joshi

Electrocution and collision with powerlines-

A potential threat to vultures in Nepal

Tulsi Subedi

Disarm the ‘silent killer’:

Anti-poison activities in the Balkans

Stoyan Nikolov

Summary of approach to Poison baits in India

Sachin Ranade

Poison response protocols:

Lessons learnt from training and preliminary implementation in Cambodia

Christel Griffioen

How can we monitor mortality of Asia’s vultures:

launching the mortality database

Chris Bowden

Summary of emerging threats discussions and next steps

John Mallord